About Us

The flutegadgets.co.uk website is operated by me, Peter Robertson (@flutealot).

I am a flute player, and the founder/owner of the digital product consultancy Chapter Media Ltd, and the digital agency Upbeat Productions Ltd - both with main offices in Covent Garden, London. 

This website and some of the products I've created were inspired by taking flute making courses with Dr Robert Bigio. Whilst I have some radical ideas in development, the swap stopper and crowns were a great way for me to enhance my understanding of flute acoustics, complementing the experience of making headjoints and other experiments with Dr Bigio.

The swap stopper was also something I felt was needed: both to replace the cork, and also as a means of customising sound. When I began experimenting with materials I had a Haynes 10k gold headjoint which was fantastic, but which I felt I was overpowering. By customising the stopper material and weight, I've extended its life and given myself more confidence when playing it.


Peter Robertson

12 Burleight Street





Please use the contact form on this site or via twitter to get in touch regarding bespoke product creations, or for general flute chat.