18k Rose Gold "face" for flute Swap Stoppers

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The 18k Rose Gold stopper face has proven to be the most popular with professional players so far. We've tested rose, white and yellow gold, in a variety of finishes and weights. Platinum too. 18k Rose gold is by far the favourite.

The standard Swap Stopper kit includes sterling silvertitanium & zirconium faces and offers an attractive and wide variety of feels and acoustic effects. The addition of this 18 Rose Gold face gives you a very high resistance feel with a warm but hard edge to the sound that helps it project. It's quite addictive to play.

It is aimed at Advanced and Professional players.




This face is meant to be used with the The standard Swap Stopper. If you'd like a bespoke stopper making from 18k Gold (without swap stopper), please message me.


Pricing & lead time

Gold prices fluctuate rapidly, and it is expensive to hold a large stock. Therefore, please note that the listing's price will change as gold pricing changed, and there may be a few days delay in processing your order depending on the availability of raw materials and current stock.