Butterfly Flute Crowns for concert flutes

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These butterfly crowns allow you to personalise your flute, or adjust its playing characteristics. It replaces your original flute crown. The unique design allows this crown to fit on many flutes, so you can use it on multiple instruments or swap it to a new flute when you upgrade.

This design shows a textured butterfly, atop a very shiny dome. When on the flute you can see many reflections of the room around you, and the textured underside of the butterfly.

Currently this design is only available in a highly polished Sterling Silver.

For Brass, BronzeRhodium-plated (black and silver)Gold-plated or solid gold options and lead times - please contact me. 

If you want a crown in another material, plating (various gold platings available), finish (e.g. satin) or to fit a wooden headjoint, please get in touch first. Platinum available too, but a deposit will be required.

They make great gifts for flute players for birthdays or Christmas.

These crowns are solid and strong but should be treated much like jewellery.


After removing (usually unscrewing) the old crown, these crowns push fit into the end of your headjoint tube. You need at least 8mm space between the top of your cork/stopper and the end of the tube for the new crown to push into. If in doubt, send me a picture of the end of your flute headjoint tube with your current crown removed.

They fit all western concert flute headjoints (orchestral/band/student flutes in C), but so I can ensure a perfect fit I prefer if you take measurements of the inside diameter of your flute headjoint tube, at the crown end. Whilst most flutes are very similar, each has a specific taper and given this measurement I can set it up for you before shipping. Please message me with these dimensions following placement of your order.

Any able flute technician or engineer can make this measurement for you using a vernier caliper. Please provide the measurement in millimetres. For example, on one of the headjonts in the main picture on the listing the internal diameter of the tube at the crown end is 16.5mm, and on another, it is 16.8mm. You can make some limited adjustment yourself too.

The current lead-time is approximately 15-20 days for anything I make bespoke for you, though occasionally I have some stock ready to adjust and send out within a day or so. If you are keen on getting an item quickly, please feel free to contact me on this site, twitter, facebook or Instagram to see what I have ready to send ;)

This is a revision of my original design which creates an attractive dome shape, fits flutes with a small amount of screw thread sticking out (where the original did not) and I think sounds better. If you've seen the original designs and would like to talk about ordering one, please get in contact.

Please note that sterling silver will naturally tarnish over time. The items are prepared like any good piece of jewellery, but may need re-polishing as the years go by. Please treat these precious crowns with care, like you would the rest of your flute.


You are purchasing a flute crown only. The flute headjoints featured in the photographs are not included and are shown here to indicate how the crows look when fitted to the headjoint!