Colourful Rose Crown for Concert Flutes

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These crowns are now also available from JustFlutes in London.

This colourful and fun crown replaces the standard crown on your flute.

Purple is the most popular colour - we sell twice as many of those as any other!

Although originally aimed at children and as a fun gift for the flute player in your life, this is a fully functional and acoustically pleasing crown.

It can be used with an existing old-fashioned cork+thread in place, or with the swap stopper.

It is possible to have this item made in a custom weight. Many advanced players prefer stoppers of specific weights (heavier or lighter). 

These crowns will fit most flutes. They come with a set of o-rings of various sizes, and with two fitting positions. However, if you provide me the internal diameter of your flute, I will ensure a perfect fit before sending. 

Any able flute technician or engineer can make this measurement for you using a vernier caliper. Please provide the measurement in millimetres. For example, on one of my own headjont the internal diameter of the tube at the crown end is 16.64mm, and on another, it is 16.85mm.