Sterling Silver Crown: "Nouveau"


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This unusual crown is compatible with both the swap-stopper available on this site, and will also fit onto existing flutes leaving the old cork and screwthread in place.

It is engineered for optimal acoustics and a great fit to the flute. This particular crown has a lot of ventilation from the headjoint through the crown. It provides a different feel to sealed crowns, or other crowns on this site with just a small ventilation hole.

In order to make this crown for you, I need accurate measurements of the inside diameter of your flute headjoint tube, at the crown end. Whilst most flutes are very similar, each has a specific taper and to get a good fit, I will tailor each crown to your specific size.

Any able flute technician or engineer can make this measurement for you using a vernier caliper. Please provide the measurement in millimetres. For example, on one of my own headjont the internal diameter of the tube at the crown end is 16.6mm, and on another, it is 16.8mm.

Each crown is handmade for you. The current lead-time is approximately 15 days.