Installation Instructions for Flute Crowns

Here is a quick video showing how to install one of my flute crowns to your headjoint.

To fit it, you basically:

  • add an o-ring,
  • moisten the o-ring,
  • twist/push the crown onto the end of the tube,
  • twist-pull to take it off again.

Headjoints taper/narrow from the embouchure hole to the crown end of the tube. I wanted to make my crowns re-usable and adaptable to many headjoints - you might own multiple headjonts or wish to transfer your crown to a new headjoint later. To facilitate this I created a means to adjust the fit.

The base of each crown includes two slots for the o-rings: a bottom (wider) and top (narrower) slot; and 3 o-rings of small, medium, and large diameter.

For many headjoints, the medium o-ring in the bottom slot works best. When you order your crown, I will ask you for the internal measurement of the tube at the crown end, and fit the correct o-ring into the appropriate slot. But if you can't measure it, I will usually send them out with the medium o-ring in the bottom slot (unless I happen to have a similar headjoint around or existing measurements).

If you need/want a tighter fit you can replace the medium o-ring with the large one in the bottom slot. If you want a looser fit, you can either move the medium o-ring to the top slot or swap it for the small o-ring in the bottom or top slots. Very few headjoints narrow so much that you will need to fit the smallest o-ring into the top slot - but some do!

You might also like to experiment with the tightness of the fitting, and even with using multiple o-rings at once, for example, the large in the top slot, and the medium in the bottom. Many people find that these changes alter the "feel" of the headjoint.

Dos & Donts

  • Don't use lots of force. You shouldn't need to push hard to push the crown on. The o-rings are quite compressible so a firm push and twist should be all that is required. If it's too tight, swap the o-ring or slot you are using.
  • Do moisten the o-ring first. This helps it slide on. As this dried it will firm-up the fit.
  • Don't worry if there is a very small gap between the end of the tube and the crown. This is fine. Many people prefer to pull the crown out ever so slightly and feel this alters their sound / the feel of the headjoint.
  • Don't try to fit the crown if the end of our headjoint tube looks to be out of round. If your headjont is not round - perhaps having been damaged at some point - you may damage the crown if you proceed.
  • Don't hold the headjoint up by the crown, or for that matter your flute by the headjoint! Bits of flutes dropping on the floor can get expensive!


...for the poor video quality. I'll make a better one soon :)

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