Magnets Safety Warning

Magnets Safety Warning

Many of the swap stoppers and flute crowns sold on this site contain small but strong magnets. Products to which this applies contain links to this document on their product details page.

The crowns can be used without magnets as they are only used on the additional weights. They are separate. If you want to order a product without magnets in the delivery box, please let us know and we will omit them.

The fun coloured crowns for children do not contain magnets.

Please read the following before handling these products.

Magnets are more powerful than you might imagine. The must be handled with care. Before handling, please follow these safety instructions

  • Magnets may cause permanent damage to credit cards, computer hard drives, watches, TVs, data storage media, other magnets, and other electronic devices and objects. Please keep our products away from items that might be affected by magnetic fields.
  • Avoid snapping or smashing magnets together with other magnets or with metal as they may break or chip.
  • Temperatures over 80 degrees Celcius can demagnetise some magnets. Do not expose our products to these temperatures.
  • People with pacemakers must avoid handling magnets.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not swallow / ingest.